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Document Expiration

  • Documents can be deleted by setting the document expiration time in this view.

Document Expiration View

Figure 1. Document Expiration View

Set Document Expiration.

  1. Enable Document Expiration

    • Check this option to enable the documents expiration feature for the selected database.
    • Set the frequency at which the server checks for documents that need to be deleted.
      The default value is 60 secs.
  2. Set the @expires property inside the document that should be deleted

    • For each document that needs to be deleted, set the deletion time in the @expires property inside the document @metadata.
    • The time must be in UTC format, i.e. "@expires": "2018-04-22T08:00:00.0000000Z".
    • Deletion will automatically occur at the specified time, but only if the above 'Enable Document Expiration' option is set.