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What's new

5.0.2 (50009) - 2020/08/17


  • [Backup] fixed race condition between finishing and setting a new backup
  • [Backup] fixed issue with restoration of encrypted backups sometimes timing out
  • [Backup] fixed NRE that could occur when restoring backups using Azure
  • [Configuration] added 'Server.AdminChannel.Disable'
  • [Configuration] added 'Server.LogsStream.Disable'
  • [Configuration] added 'Indexing.ManagedAllocationsBatchSizeLimitInMb'
  • [Debug] added '/databases/*/admin/configuration/settings' to Debug Package
  • [Encryption] performance improvements for encrypted databases
  • [Expiration] allow usage of expiration and refresh at the same time
  • [Graph API] fixed out of memory when executing recursive graph query on a large graph
  • [Graph API] fixed 'transaction already opened' when computing etag on a query after data was changed
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with indexing compare exchange references after they were changed but their etag is lower than last etag of a collection of a mapping function when they were used
  • [Indexing] indexing batch will stop if managed allocations are exceeding threshold defined in configuration 'Indexing.ManagedAllocationsBatchSizeLimitInMb' (2048 by default)
  • [Indexing] fixed possible 'VoronUnrecoverableErrorException' when Map-Reduce index is used
  • [Indexing] fixed possible 'IndexOutOfRangeException' when Lucene commit is too big
  • [Patching] added 'timeseries.getStats'
  • [Querying] avoid infinite loop when 'WaitForIndexesAfterSaveChanges' is used without throwing on timeout
  • [Replication] fixed issue with attachment stream being deleted when not all revisions with that attachment were replicated
  • [Replication] added 'RegisterBytesSent' and 'RegisterBytesReceived' to replication statistics
  • [Revisions] when document is being deleted and it has revisions, but revision configuration was deleted, then we should remove the revisions
  • [Subscriptions] fixed issue with subscription not always reconnecting due to race condition
  • [Time Series] throw 'not supported exception' when using 'milliseconds' in first/last
  • [Time Series] fixed 'ArgumentException' when using 'group by X milliseconds' in Time Series query
  • [.NET Core] updated to 3.1.7

Client API

  • [Conventions] added 'IgnoreByRefMembers' and 'IgnoreUnsafeMembers'
  • [Counters] fixed NRE when retrieving a counter that does not exist
  • [Indexes] fixed issue with setting a priority in 'AbstractIndexCreationTask'
  • [Patching] added support for nullable in strongly-typed patching
  • [Patching] added support for LINQ in strongly-typed patching
  • [Querying] added 'string.Compare' support
  • [Querying] fixed 'reference scope' error when filtering and projecting sub-collection
  • [Revisions] added 'ForceRevisionCreationFor' to async API
  • [Serialization] proper handling of 'by-ref' and 'pointer' fields and properties
  • [Subscriptions] fixed issue with subscription not always reconnecting due to race condition


  • [Patching] display test information for Counters and Time Series
  • [Querying] always quote index name when requesting terms
  • [Time Series] display rollup values in a table

Test Driver

  • fixed issue with deleting some temporary directories when database is running in memory

5.0.1 (50008) - 2020/08/05


  • [Indexing] fixed issue with possible referenced document (LoadDocument) miscalculation that could result in indexing not triggering properly when referenced documents were changed in some situations

5.0.0 (50005) - 2020/07/23


  • [Time Series] added feature. Documentation
  • [Documents Compression] added feature (Experimental)


  • [Compare Exchange] added support for loading compare exchange values as references in indexes
  • [Compare Exchange] support for expiration of values
  • [Identities] ability to set identity parts separator on the server-side
  • [Indexes] added 'TryConvert' to static indexes
  • [Indexes] automatic DateTime detection during indexing and query optimization around that
  • [Indexes] added support for static Counter indexes
  • [Indexes] added support for static Time Series indexes
  • [Patching] updated Jint with support for 'let' and 'const'
  • [Querying] support for multiple operations on facets
  • [Subscriptions] support for including Counters

Client API

  • [Attachments] support for multi-get
  • [Bulk Insert] support for Attachments
  • [Bulk Insert] support for Counters
  • [Bulk Insert] support for Time Series
  • [Compare Exchange] added lazy methods
  • [Load Balancing] added load balance behavior support
  • [Patching] added support for Dictionaries in Session.Advanced.Patch
  • [Subscriptions] added methods for updating the Subscriptions
  • [Serialization] added abstract layer over serialization. Migration
  • [Serialization] improved JSON serialization performance


  • [Database Settings] added support
  • [Indexing] ability to clear index errors
  • [Time Series] added support for plotting