What's new

5.2.116 (52053) - 2023/08/01


  • [.NET] updated to .NET 6.0.20

5.2.115 (52052) - 2023/06/23


  • [.NET] updated to .NET 6.0.19 to fix functional regression in X.509 Certificate imports introduced by MS in .NET 6.0.18 and described in KB5028608

5.2.114 (52050) - 2023/06/22


  • [Linux] fixed cgroups integration error handling

5.2.113 (52049) - 2023/06/20


  • [Linux] support for cgroups v2
  • [Querying] fixed possible AVE issue when during query execution low memory event was triggered
  • [.NET] updated to .NET 6.0.18

5.2.112 (52048) - 2023/05/12


  • [Backups] fixed backup status for offline and not modified database
  • [Backups] fixed issue with delaying backup not appropriately decreasing the semaphore for max number of concurrent backups
  • [Backups] can cancel now Backup during Retention policy execution
  • [Backups] fixed issue with the Delay date not being updated properly after we delay a backup
  • [Cluster] fixed issue with 'ClusterTransactionIdBase64' and 'DatabaseTopologyIdBase64' being set to null after 'HardResetToNewCluster' is executed
  • [Configuration] fixed issue with identity parts separator not getting the default value when client configuration gets disabled
  • [Logging] fixed possible issue with Microsoft Logs bein disabled, yet still getting written
  • [.NET] updated to .NET 6.0.16

Client API

  • [JSON] added nested generic types support to 'DefaultRavenSerializationBinder'
  • [HTTP] fixed a race condition when spawning a node health check and simultaneously timeout and topology update occurs
  • [HTTP] fixed HTTP Cache possible memory leak


  • [Debug] added additional options for collection of Debug information
  • [Client Configuration] allow to set both 'use session context' and 'read balance behavior'
  • [Database] added the ability to restart a database
  • [Documents] fixed issue with downloading huge document as text, instead of JSON