Create a Database: Encrypted

Creating Encrypted Database

Create New Database

Create New Database

  1. Click the Databases tab.
  2. Click the New database button.
    Create New Database - Encrypted

    1. Name
      Give this database a meaningful name.

    2. Encryption
      Toggle to activate encryption on the new database. When it is activated, the Encryption Configuration view with the key and QR code should open.

    3. Key

      • This is the base 64 key generated by the server.
      • A different new key can be generated by the server when clicking the refresh button.
      • Learn more about this key in: Secret Key Management
    4. QR Code

      • The QR code representing the key
    5. Confirm that you've securely saved the key


      • You will not have access to the database if the key is lost.
      • Download, print, or copy and save the key in a safe place. It will not be available again!