Session: How to Change Maximum Number of Requests per Session

By default, the maximum number of requests that a session can send the server is 30.
This number, if everything is done correctly, should never be reached since remote calls are expensive and the number of remote calls per "session" should be as close to 1 as possible.
If the limit is reached, it may indicate a Select N+1 problem or some other misuse of the session object.

Nevertheless, if needed, this number can be changed for a single session or for all sessions.

Single session

To change the maximum number of requests in a single session, modify the MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession property value using the Advanced session operations.

session.Advanced.MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession = 50;

All sessions

To change the maximum number of requests for all sessions (on a particular store), the MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession property from DocumentStore Conventions must be changed.

store.Conventions.MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession = 100;

Injecting MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession from the Server

The maximum number of requests for all sessions can also be configured via injected client configuration from the Server. Read more about this here.