Operations: How to Add a Connection String

  • You can add a connection string by using the PutConnectionStringOperation method.

  • This article demonstrates how to connect to an external database.

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public PutConnectionStringOperation(T connectionString)
Parameters Connection String Type Description
connectionString Raven Connection string to create: RavenConnectionString
connectionString Sql Connection string to create: SqlConnectionString


public class ConnectionString
    public string Name { get; set; } // name of connection string        

Add a Raven Connection String

Secure servers

To connect secure RavenDB servers you need to

  1. Export the server certificate from the source server.
  2. Install it as a client certificate on the destination server.

PutConnectionStringOperation<RavenConnectionString> operation
    = new PutConnectionStringOperation<RavenConnectionString>(
        new RavenConnectionString
    Name = "raven2",
    Database = "Northwind2",
    TopologyDiscoveryUrls = new[]
        // Be sure to include the "s" in https for secure servers.

PutConnectionStringResult connectionStringResult 
    = store.Maintenance.Send(operation);
  • RavenConnectionString
    public class RavenConnectionString : ConnectionString
        public string Database { get; set; } // target database name
        public string[] TopologyDiscoveryUrls; // list of server urls
        public ConnectionStringType Type => ConnectionStringType.Raven;

Add an Sql Connection String

PutConnectionStringOperation<SqlConnectionString> operation 
    = new PutConnectionStringOperation<SqlConnectionString>(
        new SqlConnectionString
        Name = "local_mysql",
        FactoryName = "MySql.Data.MySqlClient",
        ConnectionString = "host=;user=root;database=Northwind"

PutConnectionStringResult connectionStringResult 
    = store.Maintenance.Send(operation);
  • SqlConnectionString
    public class SqlConnectionString : ConnectionString
        public string ConnectionString { get; set; }
        public string FactoryName { get; set; }
        public ConnectionStringType Type => ConnectionStringType.Sql;