FAQ: Backward Compatibility

Client/Server Compatibility

Compatibility - Up to RavenDB 4.1

RavenDB Clients of versions lower than 4.2 are compatible with Servers of the same Major version (3.x Clients with 3.x Servers, 4.x Clients with 4.x Servers), and a Minor version the same as theirs or higher.
E.g. -

  • Client 3.0 is compatible with Server 3.0, because they are of the exact same version.
  • Client 4.0 is compatible with Server 4.1 because they are of the same major version and the server is of a higher minor version.
  • Client 4.1.7 is compatible with Server 4.1.6 because though the client is a little newer, the server is of the same minor version (1) as the client.
  • Client 3.0 is not compatible with Server 4.0 because the server is of a different major version.
  • Client 4.5 is not compatible with Server 4.0 because the server is of a lower minor version.

  • A server that receives an erroneous client request, will check whether the client version is supported.
  • If the client version is not supported, an exception will be thrown:
    RavenDB does not support interaction between Client API major version 3 and Server version 4 when major version does not match.

Compatibility - RavenDB 4.2 and Higher

Starting with version 4.2, RavenDB clients are compatible with any server of their own version and higher.
E.g. -

  • Client 4.2 is compatible with Server 4.2, Server 4.5, Server 5.2, and any other server of a higher version.


Upgrading - Up to RavenDB 4.1

Upgrading RavenDB from a version earlier than 4.2 to a higher major version, requires the upgrading of the server and all clients in lockstep.
Please visit our migration introduction page to learn more about migrating from early versions.

Upgrading - RavenDB 4.2 and Higher

When RavenDB is upgraded from version 4.2 and higher, e.g. from 4.2 to 5.3, it is recommended - but not mandatory - to upgrade the clients, since they are compatible with servers of versions higher than theirs.

Upgrading Order

To properly upgrade your applications and server, we advise you to upgrade the server first, then the clients.
This way, your applications will keep working as before and you can update them one by one if needed.