DatabaseDoesNotExist error

The instance you're connecting to doesn't have a database yet (specified through DB_NAME).

Follow the instructions to create a new database in the Studio.

Cannot find DB_CERT.fetch function

Wrangler must be run in non-local mode to populate the DB_CERT certificate binding variable.

The RavenDB Cloudflare template is configured to start in non-local mode. If you press the L key, it will switch modes and restart Wrangler. It will display a message like this:

Shutting down local server.

You may need to authenticate Wrangler again to your Cloudflare account when switching to non-local mode.

Learn more about using mTLS certificates with Workers.

Cannot Connect to RavenDB When Deployed

If you have IP restrictions enabled for your RavenDB cluster, be sure to allow the Cloudflare IP ranges.

Be sure to also verify your wrangler.toml in case you are using different deployment environments.