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Server Configuration

RavenDB is Safe by Default which means its set of options are configured for best safety. However, these options can be manually configured in order to accommodate different server behavior.

Setting Config Options

There are few ways to configure option values before initiating the new server's instance.

Environment Variable

Setting environment variable with the following syntax will set a configuration value.


RAVEN_<ConfigOption> or RAVEN.<ConfigOption>


export RAVEN_Setup.Mode=None


On the server executable directory lies setting.json which will be read and applied on server startup. Usage : "ConfigOption": "ConfigValue"

Example :

{ "ServerUrl": "", "Setup.Mode": "None" }


setting.json config options OVERRIDES the environment variables settings!

Command Line Arguments

The Raven.Server executable can configure options using arguments which can be passed to the console application (or while running as daemon) Usage: --=


./Raven.Server --Setup.Mode=None


Executable arguments config options OVERRIDES environment variables settings and setting.json!