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Client Configuration

  • Configure the RavenDB client behavior for all databases in the cluster
  • These default values can be overwritten per databases in Database Client Configuration

Client Configuration

Figure 1. Client Configuration

Client Configuration

1. Read balance behavior

  • Set the client API load-balancing behavior
  • Effects the client API decision of which node to failover in case of issues
  • Options:
    • None
      • The client API will failover nodes in their TAG order. (Node A, then Node B, then Node C and so on).
      • No load balancing will occur.
    • Round Robin
      • For each request, the client API will address the next node in their TAG order.
      • In case of a failover, the client will try the next node as well.
    • Fastest Node
      • Each client API request will go to the fastest node (determined by a speed test).
      • Any topology change would trigger the speed test again.
      • Failover in this case would select the node with the next TAG.

2. Max number of requests per session

  • Set this number to restrict the number of requests per session in the client API.
  • The default value is 30.

Failure to contact all nodes

If the client has tried to contact all nodes and failed, an AllTopologyNodesDownException will be thrown