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Create A Database : General Flow

New Database

Figure 1. Create New Database - Button

From the databases list view, click the 'New database' button.

Database Name

Figure 2. Create New Database - Database name

A database name can be any sequence of characters except for the following rules:

  • A name cannot start or end with a '.'
  • A name cannot exceed 230 characters
  • A name cannot contain any of the following: /,\,:,*,?,",<,>,|

Configure Replication

Figure 3. Create New Database - Replication

  1. Replication Factor:
    Set the number of nodes that will contain this database.
    The minimum required number is 1. The maximum number is the cluster size (number of nodes in the cluster).

  2. Dynamic Node Distribution
    Upon a node failure, and if this option is checked, the RavenDB server will automatically replicate the database content to another available node in the cluster
    (one that doesn't already contain the database) so that replication factor is maintained.

  3. Setting Replication Nodes Manually

Select the specific initial replication nodes from the cluster for the database to replicate to.
If they are not checked, then the replication nodes will be selected randomly from the cluster.

Configure Path

Figure 4. Create New Database - Path

Set the directory path for database data.


  • Full path (e.g. Windows: _C:/MyWork/MyDatabaseFolder_, Linux: /etc/MyWork/MyDatabaseFolder ) - A database will be created in this physical location
  • Relative path (e.g. _MyWork/MyDatabaseFolder_) - A database will be created under the DataDir folder
  • Leave field empty - A Database will be created in Databases directory under the DataDir folder


1. The DataDir folder can be set in the settings.json configuration file (e.g. "DataDir": "RavenData").
2. If DataDir is not specified in the configuration file, then the database will be created under the RavenDB binaries folder (where RavenDB dlls are located).
3. A path can't start with: $home, '~' or 'appdrive:'


Figure 5. Create New Database - Create

Click 'Create' to finish.