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Configuration options

In RavenDB 4.0 the configuration settings are defined in settings.json file which resides next to server binaries. Its default content is as follows:

    "ServerUrl": "",
    "Setup.Mode": "Initial",
    "DataDir": "RavenData"

Setup Wizard

The default Setup.Mode: Initial option will cause that the first run of RavenDB 4.0 server will launch Setup Wizard and guide and guide you through authentication and cluster setup.

Below there are listings of 4.0 equivalents for 3.x settings. If there isn't an equivalent for 3.x setting it means the option isn't applicable in 4.0.

Core settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/DataDir DataDir
Raven/Port Defined using ServerUrl
Raven/HostName Defined using ServerUrl and PublicServerUrl
Raven/RunInMemory RunInMemory

Cluster settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/Cluster/ElectionTimeout (default: 1200 ms) Cluster.ElectionTimeoutInMs (default: 300 ms)

Database settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/DatabaseOperationTimeout (default: 5 min) Databases.QueryTimeoutInSec (default: 300 sec)
Databases.QueryOperationTimeoutInSec (default: 300 sec)
Databases.OperationTimeoutInSec (default: 300 sec)
Databases.CollectionOperationTimeoutInSec (default: 300 sec)
Raven/Tenants/ConcurrentResourceLoadTimeout (default: 15 sec) Databases.ConcurrentLoadTimeoutInSec (default: 10 sec)
Raven/Tenants/MaxConcurrentResourceLoads (default: 8) Databases.MaxConcurrentLoads (default: 8)
Raven/Tenants/MaxIdleTimeForTenantDatabase (default: 900 sec) Databases.MaxIdleTimeInSec (default: 900 sec)
Raven/Tenants/FrequencyToCheckForIdleDatabases (default: 60 sec) Databases.FrequencyToCheckForIdleInSec (default: 60 sec)

ETL settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/SqlReplication/CommandTimeoutInSec (default: default SQL provider timeout) ETL.SQL.CommandTimeoutInSec (default: default SQL provider timeout)

HTTP settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/HttpCompression (default: true) Http.UseResponseCompression (default: true)
Http.AllowResponseCompressionOverHttps (default: false)

Indexing settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/IndexingDisabled (default: false) Indexing.Disable (default: false)
Raven/TimeToWaitBeforeMarkingAutoIndexAsIdle (default: 1 hour) Indexing.TimeToWaitBeforeMarkingAutoIndexAsIdleInMin (default: 30 min)
Raven/CreateAutoIndexesForAdHocQueriesIfNeeded (default: true) Indexing.DisableQueryOptimizerGeneratedIndexes (default: false)

License settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/License License
Raven/LicensePath License.Path

Logs settings

Since version 4.0 the logging is configured via settings.json file only. The following options are available:

  • Logs.Path (default: Logs)
  • Logs.Mode (default: Operations) - available values: None, Operations (high level info), Information (low level debug info)

Monitoring settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/Monitoring/Snmp/Enabled (default: false) Monitoring.Snmp.Enabled (default: false)
Raven/Monitoring/Snmp/Port (default: 161) Monitoring.Snmp.Port (default: 161)
Raven/Monitoring/Snmp/Community (default: ravendb) Monitoring.Snmp.Community (default: ravendb)

Patching settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/MaxStepsForScript (default: 10000) Patching.MaxStepsForScript (default: 10000)

Query settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/MaxClauseCount (default: 1024) Query.MaxClauseCount (default: 1024)

Replication settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/Replication/MaxNumberOfItemsToReceiveInSingleBatch (default: 512) Replication.MaxItemsCount (default: 16384)
Replication.MaxSizeToSendInMb (default: 64)

Server settings

3.x 4.0
Raven/ServerName Server.Name
Raven/MaxSecondsForTaskToWaitForDatabaseToLoad (default: 5 sec) Server.MaxTimeForTaskToWaitForDatabaseToLoadInSec (default: 30 sec)

Storage settings

Since version 4.0 the only storage engine is Voron. Raven/Esent/* settings are not applicable.

3.x 4.0
Raven/Voron/TempPath Storage.TempPath
Raven/Voron/AllowOn32Bits (default: false) Storage.ForceUsing32BitsPager (default: false) - in 4.0 Voron is supported on 32 bits