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Compare Exchange: How to Delete Compare Exchange Value

  • Use DeleteCompareExchangeValueOperation to delete a Key and its Value.

  • The Key and its Value are deleted only if the index in the request matches the current index stored in the server for the specified key.

  • For an overview of the 'Compare Exchange' feature click: Compare Exchange Overview

  • In this page:



public DeleteCompareExchangeValueOperation(string key, long index)
key string The key to be deleted
index long The version number of the value to be deleted

Returned object:

public class CompareExchangeResult<T>
    public bool Successful;
    public T Value;
    public long Index;
Return Value
Successful bool * True if the delete operation was successfully completed
* True if key doesn't exist
* False if the delete operation failed
Value T * The value that was deleted upon a successful delete
* 'null' if key doesn't exist
* The currently existing value on the server if delete operation failed
Index long * The next available version number upon success
* The next available version number if key doesn't exist
* The currently existing index on the server if the delete operation failed


// First, get existing value
CompareExchangeValue<User> readResult =
        new GetCompareExchangeValueOperation<User>("AdminUser"));

// Delete the key - use the index received from the 'Get' operation
CompareExchangeResult<User> deleteResult
    = store.Operations.Send(
        new DeleteCompareExchangeValueOperation<User>("AdminUser", readResult.Index));

// The delete result is successful only if the index has not changed between the read and delete operations
bool deleteResultSuccessful = deleteResult.Successful;