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Studio Overview

RavenDB comes with a Management Studio that can be accessed by any modern browser using the server URL
(e.g. http://localhost:8080/ - when your server runs at port 8080).

The Studio lets you manage your server, databases, indexes, issue queries,
perform maintenance actions, view various stats graphs and logs, define tasks, import & export data, and much more,
all in a very easy manner.

The Studio can be accessed on any RavenDB server regardless of how it is deployed.

Manage Your RavenDB Server

Figure 1. Studio overview - Manage server

Manage server

Manage Your Databases

Figure 2. Studio overview - Manage databases

Manage databases

Figure 5. Studio overview - Header and Footer

Header and Footer area

  1. Database selector

  2. Send feedback

  3. Notification Center

  4. Number of documents & indexes in the database

  5. The local server node

  6. Server & studio versions