Operations: Server: How to Restore a Database from the Backup

  • To restore a database from its backup, use RestoreBackupOperation.
  • A backup can also be restored using Studio.


public RestoreBackupOperation(RestoreBackupConfigurationBase restoreConfiguration);

public RestoreBackupOperation(RestoreBackupConfigurationBase restoreConfiguration, String nodeTag);

public abstract class RestoreBackupConfigurationBase {

    public String getDatabaseName() {
        return databaseName;

    public void setDatabaseName(String databaseName) {
        this.databaseName = databaseName;

    public String getLastFileNameToRestore() {
        return lastFileNameToRestore;

    public void setLastFileNameToRestore(String lastFileNameToRestore) {
        this.lastFileNameToRestore = lastFileNameToRestore;

    public String getDataDirectory() {
        return dataDirectory;

    public void setDataDirectory(String dataDirectory) {
        this.dataDirectory = dataDirectory;

    public String getEncryptionKey() {
        return encryptionKey;

    public void setEncryptionKey(String encryptionKey) {
        this.encryptionKey = encryptionKey;

    public boolean isDisableOngoingTasks() {
        return disableOngoingTasks;

    public void setDisableOngoingTasks(boolean disableOngoingTasks) {
        this.disableOngoingTasks = disableOngoingTasks;

    public boolean isSkipIndexes() {
        return skipIndexes;

    public void setSkipIndexes(boolean skipIndexes) {
        this.skipIndexes = skipIndexes;

    public BackupEncryptionSettings getBackupEncryptionSettings() {
        return backupEncryptionSettings;

    public void setBackupEncryptionSettings(BackupEncryptionSettings backupEncryptionSettings) {
        this.backupEncryptionSettings = backupEncryptionSettings;
databaseName String Database name to create during the restore operation
lastFileNameToRestore String Used for partial restore
dataDirectory String Optional: Database data directory
encryptionKey String Encryption key used for restore
disableOngoingTasks boolean Disable on doing tasks
skipIndexes boolean Skip the indexes


RestoreBackupConfiguration config = new RestoreBackupConfiguration();
RestoreBackupOperation restoreOperation = new RestoreBackupOperation(config);