Cloud: Support

Our RavenDB Cloud support team can help you pick a database configuration
that suits your current needs and future plans, assist with any technical issue you may have,
and get your product-specific feedback and suggestions.

Available support options

RavenDB Cloud offers two support options - Free and Cloud Support.

The Free support option is offered for all Accounts by default This option covers the availability of your RavenDB Cloud instance services, responding to any connectivity issues, and your participation in mailing lists and forums.

The Cloud Support option provides the support you need to keep your database in good shape.

This package includes:
- Additional monitoring of your system
- Focus on building better RavenDB applications
- Architectural guidance
- Prioritization of bug fixes
- Email and phone support
- Access to RavenDB core developers

You can select one of 2 terms - 6 months or 12 months, which differ in price.

The Cloud Support option requires at least one production tier instance.

For a full support options comparison please check the Pricing page.

Severity and response types

The RavenDB Cloud support form offers three types of Severity and two types of Response.

Please make sure you understand what each of the options stands for, so your request would get the correct priority and be routed to the right team.

Severity Description
Minor Non-critical errors, general questions, requests for enhancements to the Software.
Normal The error is not critical - no data has been lost, and the system has not failed. The error has been identified and does not prevent normal operation, or the situation may be temporarily circumvented using an available workaround.
Critical Due to an error in a production environment, the Software is down or seriously impacted, or there is no workaround currently available, or the workaround is cumbersome to use, or the Customer data is lost or destroyed.

Critical severity is available only to customers with the Cloud Support option.

Response Description
Standard Reply within a day.
Immediate Your query will be responded to within two hours.

Immediate Response is only available for Customers with the Cloud Support option.
Immediate Response is not available for Free tier instances.