Monitoring: Telegraf Plugin


Telegraf is a popular data collection and processing agent designed to work with time series data. Version 1.18 of Telegraf has a new plugin for RavenDB that collects data from RavenDB's monitoring endpoints. The recommended use for the RavenDB plugin is to have Telegraf output to InfluxDB, and from there the data can be queried by Grafana and displayed on your own data tracking dashboard. But this feature is flexible - Telegraf can output data to other destinations.

Monitoring Endpoints

The monitoring endpoints output data in JSON format. There are four endpoints:

  • <your server URL>/admin/monitoring/v1/server
  • <your server URL>/admin/monitoring/v1/databases
  • <your server URL>/admin/monitoring/v1/indexes
  • <your server URL>/admin/monitoring/v1/collections

JSON Fields Retuened by the Endpoints

The following is a list of JSON fields returned by the endpoints:

Endpoint Suffix Field Name Description
collections collection_name Collection name
collections database_name Name of this collection's database
collections documents_count Number of documents in collection
collections documents_size_in_bytes Size of documents in bytes
collections revisions_size_in_bytes Size of revisions in bytes
collections tombstones_size_in_bytes Size of tombstones in bytes
collections total_size_in_bytes Total size of collection in bytes
databases database_id Database ID
databases database_name Database name
databases counts_alerts Number of alerts
databases counts_attachments Number of attachments
databases counts_documents Number of documents
databases counts_performance_hints Number of performance hints
databases counts_rehabs Number of rehabs
databases counts_revisions Number of revision documents
databases counts_unique_attachments Number of unique attachments
databases indexes_auto_count Number of auto indexes
databases indexes_count Number of indexes
databases indexes_disabled_count Number of disabled indexes
databases indexes_errored_count Number of error indexes
databases indexes_errors_count Number of indexing errors
databases indexes_idle_count Number of idle indexes
databases indexes_stale_count Number of stale indexes
databases indexes_static_count Number of static indexes
databases statistics_doc_puts_per_sec Number of document puts per second (one minute rate)
databases statistics_map_index_indexes_per_sec Number of indexed documents per second for map indexes (one minute rate)
databases statistics_map_reduce_index_mapped_per_sec Number of maps per second for map-reduce indexes (one minute rate)
databases statistics_map_reduce_index_reduced_per_sec Number of reduces per second for map-reduce indexes (one minute rate)
databases statistics_request_average_duration_in_ms Average request time in milliseconds
databases statistics_requests_count Number of requests from database start
databases statistics_requests_per_sec Number of requests per second (one minute rate)
databases storage_documents_allocated_data_file_in_mb Documents storage allocated size in MB
databases storage_documents_used_data_file_in_mb Documents storage used size in MB
databases storage_indexes_allocated_data_file_in_mb Index storage allocated size in MB
databases storage_indexes_used_data_file_in_mb Index storage used size in MB
databases storage_total_allocated_storage_file_in_mb Total storage size in MB
databases storage_total_free_space_in_mb Remaining storage disk space in MB
databases time_since_last_backup_in_sec LastBackup
databases uptime_in_sec Database up-time
indexes entries_count Number of entries in the index
indexes errors Number of index errors
indexes index_name Index name
indexes is_invalid Indicates if index is invalid
indexes lagtime Indexing Lag Time
indexes lock_mode Index lock mode
indexes mapped_per_sec Number of maps per second (one minute rate)
indexes priority Index priority
indexes reduced_per_sec Number of reduces per second (one minute rate)
indexes state Index state
indexes status Index status
indexes time_since_last_indexing_in_sec Time since last indexing
indexes time_since_last_query_in_sec Time since last query
indexes type Index type
server backup_current_number_of_running_backups Number of backups currently running
server backup_max_number_of_concurrent_backups Max number of backups that can run concurrently
server certificate_server_certificate_expiration_left_in_sec Server certificate expiration left
server certificate_well_known_admin_certificates List of well known admin certificate thumbprints
server cluster_current_term Cluster term
server cluster_id Cluster ID
server cluster_index Cluster index
server cluster_node_state Current node state
server node_tag Current node tag
server config_server_urls Server URLs
server public_server_url The server's public URL
server config_tcp_server_urls Server TCP URL
server config_public_tcp_server_urls Server public TCP URL
server cpu_assigned_processor_count Number of assigned processors on the machine
server cpu_machine_io_wait IO wait in %
server cpu_machine_usage Machine CPU usage in %
server cpu_process_usage Process CPU usage in %
server cpu_processor_count Number of processor on the machine
server cpu_thread_pool_available_worker_threads Number of available worker threads in the thread pool
server cpu_thread_pool_available_completion_port_threads Number of available completion port threads in the thread pool
server databases_loaded_count Number of loaded databases
server databases_total_count Number of all databases
server disk_remaining_storage_space_percentage Remaining server storage disk space in %
server disk_system_store_total_data_file_size_in_mb Server storage total size in MB
server disk_system_store_used_data_file_size_in_mb Server storage used size in MB
server disk_total_free_space_in_mb Remaining server storage disk space in MB
server license_expiration_left_in_sec Server license expiration left
server license_max_cores Server license max CPU cores
server license_type Server license type
server license_utilized_cpu_cores Server license utilized CPU cores
server memory_allocated_in_mb Server allocated memory in MB
server memory_installed_in_mb InstalledMemory
server memory_low_memory_severity Server low memory flag value
server memory_physical_in_mb PhysicalMemory
server memory_total_dirty_in_mb Dirty memory that is used by the scratch buffers in MB
server memory_total_swap_size_in_mb Server total swap size in MB
server memory_total_swap_usage_in_mb Server total swap usage in MB
server memory_working_set_swap_usage_in_mb Server working set swap usage in MB
server network_concurrent_requests_count Number of concurrent requests
server network_last_authorized_non_cluster_admin_request_time_in_sec Server last authorized non cluster admin request time
server network_last_request_time_in_sec Server last request time
server network_requests_per_sec Number of requests per second (one minute rate)
server network_tcp_active_connections Number of active TCP connections
server network_total_requests Total number of requests since server startup
server server_full_version Server full version
server server_process_id Server process ID
server server_version Server version
server uptime_in_sec Server up-time