Delete Counter

  • Use the countersFor.delete method to remove a specific Counter from a document.

  • All the document's Counters are deleted when the document itself is deleted.

  • For all other countersFor methods see this Overview.

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delete usage


  • Open a session.
  • Create an instance of countersFor.
    • Either pass countersFor an explicit document ID, -or-
    • Pass it an entity tracked by the session, e.g. a document object returned from session.query or from session.load.
  • Call countersFor.delete.
  • Call session.saveChanges for the changes to take effect.


  • A Counter you deleted will be removed only after the execution of saveChanges().
  • delete will not generate an error if the Counter doesn't exist.
  • Deleting a document deletes all its Counters as well.


// 1. Open a session
try (IDocumentSession session = docStore.openSession()) {
    // 2. pass CountersFor's constructor a document ID
    ISessionDocumentCounters documentCounters = session.countersFor("products/1-C");

    // 3. Delete the "productLikes" Counter

    // 4. Save changes to the session


void delete(String counterName);
Parameter Type Description
counterName String Counter's name