Migration: Migrating from Docker Image 5.x or lower to 6.0 or higher

  • Starting from version 6.0 RavenDB for Docker introduces an improved security model, using a dedicated user rather than root.
  • RavenDB 6.0 and up also use a Debian archive file (.deb package), applying a uniform internal structure for Ubuntu OS platforms.
  • To conform with these changes, installing RavenDB 6.0 or higher in a system that already hosts RavenDB 5.x or lower requires the migration procedure explained below.
  • Read here more about running a RavenDB Docker image.

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Changes Made In RavenDB 6.0 And Up

The directory structure used by RavenDB of version 6.0 and above, and the user we use to run RavenDB, are different from the directory structure and user used by older versions.

  • RavenDB Docker images up to 5.x:

    • Create a unique directory structure under Windows.
    • Are installed and accessed using the root user on Ubuntu.
  • RavenDB Docker images from 6.0 up:

    • Use a Debian archive file (.deb package) and create a similar directory structure under Windows and Ubuntu.
    • Are installed and accessed using a dedicated ravendb user instead of root, to improve security.

Learn below how to address these differences when migrating from version 5.x or lower to version 6.0 or higher.

Migrating To 6.0 And Up

Permit ravendb user to access mounted data directory.

The default UID (User ID) and GID (Group ID) used by ravendb are 999.
Change owner of the RavenDB data direcory to ravendb (999 UID by default) on the container host. E.g. chown -R 999:999 $TARGET_DATA_DIR

Customizing the RavenDB data directory owner user UID/GID

In order to use a custom UID/GID for the ravendb user please build the Ubuntu container image yourself providing desired UID and GID values, using the following arguments upon build:
UID: --build-arg "RAVEN_USER_ID=999"
GID: --build-arg "RAVEN_GROUP_ID=999"
E.g., docker build --build-arg "RAVEN_USER_ID=999" --build-arg "RAVEN_GROUP_ID=999" <...>

Migrate files and data

The setup process will create the directory structure detailed here.

The script within the image will attempt to link the old version's data directory to the new version's data directory automatically upon start.
If this attempt fails, an error will be produced.

When mounting host directory make sure that RavenDB data is mounted under its new location on the container: /var/lib/ravendb/data

Old data directory (default): /opt/RavenDB/Server/RavenData New data directory (default): /var/lib/ravendb/data

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