Migration: Server Breaking Changes

The following features, that were available in former RavenDB versions, are unavailable under RavenDB 6.x or incompatible with their previous versions.

  • License Keys License keys for versions lower than 6.0 are not supported by RavenDB 6.0.
    If you own a valid license key for RavenDB 5.x or lower, please upgrade it using the quick online interface described here.
  • RavenDB for Docker
    RavenDB now applies an improved security model, and uses a dedicated user rather than root.
    Read more about this change here.
  • Unsupported sharding features
    RavenDB 6.0 introduces sharding. Server and Client features that are currently unavailable under a sharded database (but remain available in regular databases) are listed here.
  • Graph Queries
    Graph queries support, available in RavenDB versions 4.2 to 5.x, is removed from RavenDB 6.x server and client API.
  • ETL
    SQL ETL no longer tolerates errors on Load: load errors are thrown immediately, to distinguish partial load errors that are used in SQL ETL from, for example, commit errors that may happen during load. (Prior to this change ETL would just advance instead of retrying.)
  • DateOnly and TimeOnly are now supported for every new auto index.

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