Include Time Series with Raw Queries

Include time series when making a raw query

In this example, we use a raw query to retrieve a document
and include entries from the document's "HeartRates" time series.

const baseTime = new Date();
const from = baseTime;
const to = new Date(baseTime.getTime() + 60_000 * 5);

// Define the Raw Query:
const rawQuery = session.advanced
     // Use 'include timeseries' in the RQL
    .rawQuery("from users include timeseries('HeartRates', $from, $to)")
     // Pass optional parameters
    .addParameter("from", from)
    .addParameter("to", to);

// Execute the query:
// For each document in the query results,
// the time series entries will be 'loaded' to the session along with the document
const userDocuments = await rawQuery.all();

const numberOfRequests1 = session.advanced.numberOfRequests;

// The following call to 'get' will Not trigger a server request,
// the entries will be retrieved from the session's cache.
const entries = await session.timeSeriesFor(userDocuments[0], "HeartRates")
    .get(from, to);

const entryValue = entries[0].value;

const numberOfRequests2 = session.advanced.numberOfRequests;
assert.equal(numberOfRequests1, numberOfRequests2);



rawQuery(query, documentType?);
Parameter Type Description
query string The raw RQL query.
documentType object The document class type (an optional param).