Force License Update

  • Every 24 hours (counted from server startup), RavenDB will check the License Server
    to see if there are any updates made to your current license that need to be applied.
    This is done for all license types.

  • This automatic update will be applied provided that:

    • You have an active connection to RavenDB's License Server (
    • DisableAutoUpdate is set to false.
  • If changes were made to your current license and you want to apply immediately,
    then you can force the update from Studio.
    This action also requires an active connection to the License Server.

  • In this page:

Force license update from Studio

Force Update


  1. About
    Click to open the Studio About view.

  2. Force Update

    • Click the Force Update button.
      This will update your current license immediately.

    • If DisableAutoUpdateFromApi is set to true, the license will be updated from the configuration keys.
      If set to false, the license will be updated from the License Server, provided you have an active connection.